Color Guard Quarantine Championship


What? An online, socially-distanced solo competition for grades 8 and under, judged by volunteers from the WGI community.

Why? To keep up skills and creativity for young color guard performers, to create a distraction during quarantine, to bring joy and fun amidst the disappointments of a canceled season.

Where? Film in your own yard.

When? Deadline for pre-registration is: April 12, 2020 & the deadline for entries is: April 26, 2020

Cost? Free

Winners of each category get a fun, Color Guard Quarantine 2020 Championship T-shirt and candy gram of your choice. Specialty candy grams will also be awarded for fun, bonus categories.


  • Have fun!
  • Design a routine of 1:30 or less. Shorter is definitely allowed. Don’t think that you have to go up to 1:30.
  • You may enter one routine in each division in your age grouping.
  • Only ONE person permitted in the video.
  • Please don’t use a song from a show that you already performed in.
  • Write work (watch videos, use work you already know, make something up, ask your parents, siblings, etc.)
  • Song should incorporate mostly equipment work. Movement and dance should be a large aspect of your routine, but along with equipment in your hands. For a one minute routine, “grounding” of equipment can be a maximum of 10 seconds. For a 1:30 routine, “grounding” of eqiupment can be a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • No editing of videos. The video you upload must be free of edits!
  • Entrants are judged in 3 main categories:
    Musicality: rhythm, timing of the moves, do the moves match the music that you picked, expression of the musical phrases (feeling the music and filling up the phrases – let your equipment and body “sing” along with the music)
    Technique: equipment use, body and movement with the equipment, technique: correct angles, carvings, are poles flat or angled (shoulder/hip vs. flat), free arms, wall to wall planes, point toes vs. flexed feet (depending on the style), extending the work, hand placements, release hands
    General Effect: facial expressions, enjoyability, entertainment, uniqueness, PUT ON A SHOW AND PRETEND YOU’RE BACK IN THAT GYM ENTERTAINING!
  • Judges are some amazing volunteers who have marched with World Class groups such as: Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights, and Alter Ego.
  • And again, refer back to rule #1. This is for the sake of fun and to be supportive of one another. Very few of you are going to win, but you’re going to get to be creative, pay some attention to your technique and get to perform! And if you do win, think how cool you’ll look in a Color Guard Quarantine t-shirt!


  • Grades 4 & Under Flag
  • Grades 4 & Under Weapon
  • Grades 5 & 6 Flag
  • Grades 5 & 6 Weapon
  • Grades 7 & 8 Flag
  • Grades 7 & 8 Weapon


Submit your pre-registration info by April 12th at this link:

  • We will email your parent/guardian asking permission for you to join this contest (if your email is different from your guardian’s email).
  • Film your video (please, no editing. Being in quarantine gives you time for multiple takes, but only submit one unedited take to the contest).
  • Upload your video to YouTube using hashtag #cgq2020 (make sure your video is set to public so we can view it).
  • Prior to the contest deadline, you will receive another email with instructions for joining a Google Classroom. Join the classroom and follow the instructions for submitting your entry to the judges. This is where judges will collaborate to score entries and determine winners. Detailed instructions on how to submit in the Classroom will be included and you’ll receive your email around April 12th.
  • You may enter under both divisions for your age group.

Although we are declaring a winner in each category, we hope that all levels of color guard kids will join the competition. This is primarily for fun and encouragement!
And don’t forget the fun, extra categories. You never know what secret, unique category you may win!

Want to Watch?

Please only join our Google Classroom if you are a performer because we are limited to the number of accounts permitted. For everyone else, check back here next month to view ALL entries and to find out who won.