Surge A Info

Surge Independent Color Guard formed in 2016 by Debbie Heller to provide an opportunity for individuals without a school sponsored team to enhance their color guard skills and be part of a competitive team.

Our Class A team typically includes members ages 13-22. This team is by audition for anyone interested in working on advanced skills, regardless of hometown. We focus on practicing and improving important skills as well as mentoring our younger teams. 

Behavior guidelines:

  1. Be kind and supportive to all members. We don’t laugh at the frustrations of others. We do cheer the effort and accomplishments of all. Sometimes it may be your turn to do something special in the show and sometimes it may be someone else’s turn.
  2. Please be quiet when a coach is giving directions or teaching. We know you want to talk and we love that you love each other, but we have limited practice time. We have so many fun things to teach you! We sometimes pay very high rates for our gym time. Please don’t waste the time by not paying attention.
  3. Please stay in the area designated to you by the coach. Moving around while heavy rifles and large sticks are flying around can be dangerous!
  4. We take water and bathroom breaks as a group. Please try to wait for the group breaks, but feel free to raise your hand and ask if you have a need outside of break time. Please note that extended breaks taken by individuals because they are feeling grumpy or are unwilling to learn can be detrimental to their part in the show. We want to continually reward those that work diligently and with a positive attitude.
  5. Some of our equipment is borrowed from other school districts. Please treat both Surge’s equipment and the borrowed equipment with care!
  6. Please remain with the group! This is especially important during parades and at our competition sites. We want to keep everybody safe and together at all times. Please check out with a coach when you leave with a parent on competition days.
  7. Please remember that you are representing the Surge organization, your parents, and yourselves! We want to maintain a classy, friendly, supportive reputation. Please be supportive of other groups, especially if the result isn’t in our favor. Please be gracious in any defeats and encouraging and supportive to others in our wins. Know that the coaches will always fight for you in the judges’ room! But when in public or on social media, please keep a kind and considerate presence towards all.
  8. And possibly most importantly, please try your best, try to be open to learning new things, and have fun! The coaches think you are all wonderful people and we are so excited for you to have a wonderful season!