Auditions are held periodically between June and December. Our Spin Clinics / Auditions are open to all between the specified age ranges, no matter where you live. Anyone is welcome to audition for our teams. Priority preference is given to those living in Oaklyn, NJ and our immediate surrounding towns for the Cadet & JV teams only. Our Class A team considers skill and commitment above hometown.

Unfortunately, we do need to cap the number of kids on each team and there may not be space for everyone interested in joining. If your child is not chosen for a team we will keep you informed should a spot open at a later date. 

Joining the Surge Family

Membership dues vary by team and will be explained if you are invited to join. This helps cover the fees associated with the tournaments, props, costuming, and rehearsal spaces. Occasionally we may hold a fundraiser to also help with these costs.

Our team members are not required to re-audition each year, but may need to audition to advance to a higher level Surge team. 

The Tournament Indoor Association season runs January through May. Rehearsals may begin as early as December. We expect a certain level of commitment to the team by making every effort to attend rehearsals and be on time. Your coach will detail rehearsal schedules, which generally fall on the same days/times each week, and tournament schedule. 

The Atlantic Coast Championship is a multi-day event held the end of April / beginning of May in Wildwood, NJ. Team members are expected to be available for this event, which does require missing a minimum 1 day of school. The dates for ACC are set years in advance and are listed below.