Surge Cadets & Surge 2.0 are hosting a “show”!

As an Independent team without our own gym, we normally would be unable to host our own show. Now that we are all in quarantine and the official tournament season was canceled, we decided to find a way to bring a championship to our peers. So, we’re “hosting” our very first “show”! Performers in grades 1-8 are invited to submit a solo performance to the 2020 Color Guard Quarantine Championship! We’ll have a friendly competition, judged by unbiased members of various WGI teams, while still following all social distancing protocols to combat COVID-19. We want you to have fun, practice your skills, cheer each other on, share your favorite entries, and remember what a great community of people you can look forward to seeing again next season.

Click the QUARANTINE CHAMPIONSHIP link for details.


We are sad to learn both the M.A.I.N. & TIA indoor seasons were both canceled, including championships, due to an abundance of caution regarding COVID19. We add parts each week so our performances are always “new”, and we’re disappointed we didn’t get to show our fans and fellow athletes the final product. However, we understand it’s more important to be sure our families, friends, and communities stay healthy.

We will continue to highlight our wonderful sponsors and you can be sure you’ll see us in our team t-shirts all around town. Our volunteers are hopeful we’ll figure out a way to perform for you all one last time. Fingers crossed!


Surge, Surge Cadets & Surge 2.0

Schedule Update

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the M.A.I.N. Hatboro competition scheduled for 3/14/20 has been cancelled. Additionally, WGI has suspended all remaining events, including their World Championship usually attended by our A level team. We at Surge are working on adding one or two additional performances to our schedule to make up for the possibility of more cancellations. Remember to wash your hands and keep your fingers crossed for healthy teams!